Jet Admin Templates are the fastest way to build the tools you need. We put together predefined components and features and created internal tools that cover most common use cases in almost any industry.
Admin Panel
Manage your application data, such as users, orders, transactions, and more, with one neatly organized admin panel.
Stripe Refund Tool
A tool powered by Stripe to issue full or partial refunds to your customers, cancel payments, and automatically send notifying emails via SendGrid.
Google Sheet Twilio
Marketing Tool
An all-in-one tool to manage marketing campaigns. Create coupons clients can apply to your offers via Stripe, get the word out in a newsletter emailed via SendGrid, and send personalized messages with Twilio.
Customer Support Tool
Import lead information from Intercom and Zendesk, set up a ticket workflow, chat with your clients online, and create charts to measure the quality of your service - all without leaving Jet Admin.
Content moderation
An easy-to-use tool to help you moderate submitted video content for basic violations or create human-in-the-loop workflows to provide rating reports based on multiple raters’ review.
Firebase Admin Panel
A ready-to-use admin panel to manage user and order data, run queries, and build charts for any live Firebase database.
Google Analytics Amplitude
Get a 360 view on your customers
Consolidate and manage customer data from multiple 3rd party apps like Zendesk, Intercom, and HubSpot in one single view. Empower your team with the full context.
Customer Onboarding Tool
Ensure customer success by organizing the onboarding process on a Kanban board, creating workflows, and running email campaigns via SendGrid - all in one interface.
Stripe CRM
Subscription Tool
Subscription management software provides tools to automates the manual processes in subscription business with recurring billing, subscription pricing and payment. These tool manage the entire customer life cycle, from accepting recurring payments to gandling customer subscription.
Custom CRM
Strengthen relationships with your clients and improve sales with the powerful CRM tool. Browse lead data from multiple data sources, create pipelines, move deals through stages, and send messages to Slack.

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