Customer Portals Software Solutions

Customer Portals Software SolutionsCustomer Portals Software Solutions
Build solutions that your business needs in a fast and simple manner.
Restaurant PortalRestaurant Portal
A portal created by a multi-vendor marketplace for partners to manage their operations

Multi-vendor marketplaces in all the verticals depend on their merchant's success. That's why most of the leading companies have developed online portals for their merchants. Within that portal, no matter how small the merchant is, they can manage inventory or menus, track KPIs, troubleshoot order issues, and run promo campaigns.

Order management
View orders, change their status, adjust parameters like prep time, communicate with clients, identify issues and resolve them in timely manner
Adjusting the menu
Easily add or remove menu items, update prices, and change categories in real-time
Tracking key metrics
Keep track of revenue, orders and effectiveness of promo campaigns
Delivery AppDelivery App
A portal built for delivery agents to take and fulfill orders

Delivery companies have many headaches, but building a portal for field agents can completely eradicate a good chunk of them. Delivery agents will be able to fulfill orders faster and with less friction, improving the overall operational efficiency.

Taking orders
Agents can view the incoming orders, check the location and details, and take the order
Updating the profile
Field agents can update their profile details: email adress, phone number, and billing information
Fulfilling orders
After a package is delivered, agents mark the order as delivered and can take a new one
Partner CRMPartner CRM
A Portal built for sales partners to fill the pipeline and manage consultations

Many businesses such as consultancy agencies or car dealerships grow their bottom line with the help of outside sales partners. Introducing PRM systems can significantly improve the quality of collaboration, however, the real shift happens with the implementation of a Partner Portal. It allows your partners to add leads directly to your sales pipeline and contribute to your growth.

Let your partners fill the pipeline
Partner’s account reps can add new prospective clients directly to your pipeline and view the assigned clients’ details
Managing appointments
Account reps can view their scheduled appointments, update the outcome of the consultation and add sales notes
Editing the profile
Partner’s admins can update the email, biling adress and so on in the portal without reaching out to you
Project management portalProject management portal
A portal built for your clients to keep track of the progress on their projects

Dev houses, all sorts of agencies, and millions of other types of businesses use some sort of project management tools. But what if you want to collaborate on the projects with your clients, gather client's feedback, or send over a proof, but don't want to give access to all of your data? You'll build a secure Client Portal where your clients can see only data related to them, can leave comments on projects and tasks, and exchange materials.

Oversight of client’s projects
Give your clients clear picture of their projects and associated tasks’ progress
Encourage task-specific feedback
For each project or individual task, your client and chat with your team
Share assets through the portal
Exchange reportas, assets and proofs within portal for your clients to access them any time
Broker portalBroker portal
A portal built for independent brokers to manage viewings and prospects

For Insurance and Real Estate companies, it's critically important to have clear communication with Independent Agents/Brokers they work with. Providing an online Broker Portal will ensure that they use only relevant sales collaterals, manage their appointments effectively, and always find the right match for the prospects. It also will allow them to add leads directly to your pipeline.

Provide easy access to your catalog
Provide your Brokers or External Agents with ability to search your listings to find the right match for the client
Let the brokers fill your pipeline
Let your brokers and agents view the incoming leds, accept them, check the lead details and add new ones
Viewings management
Agents can keep track of previous and upcoming viewings and fill in the results
Customer Onboarding ToolCustomer Onboarding Tool
An app built for operations and customer success teams to effectively onboard new customers

Allow your agents to track orders, tasks, collaborate with their teammates using the mobile.

Quickly identify the right account
Search and filtering functionality is available out-of-the-box so you can quickly find the right customer
Preview documents
Enlarge and review all the documents that are necessary for the error-free KYC process
Permission management
Set granular permissions to control what pages or even individual UI components each user can interact with and how