Connect all the apps you love with your internal tools. Send emails, process payments, and collect lead information without leaving Jet Admin.


Read, browse and manipulate your PostgreSQL data.


Manage and visualise your MySQL data with powerful widgets, workflows and templates.


Create a link between Firestore and Jet Admin to quickly create internal tools to manage data with CRUD, search, and filter available out-of-the box.

Microsoft SQL

Explore, manipulate and gain insight about your Microsoft SQL data.


Seamlessly connect your SQLite data to speed up your day-to-day operations.


Import data from Stripe directly to your internal tools. Monitor payments, manage user subscriptions, and refund money all from one place.

Google Sheets

Automate data management and eliminate manual data entry with this Google Sheets integration.


Incorporate SendGrid into your existing workflows to instantly send personalized emails to customers.


Create a unified communication tool with Twilio. Set triggers to automatically reach your clients via SMS, WhatsApp, or chat.


Send messages and notifications to Slack to keep everyone on your team in the loop.


Merge session data like location, browser type, and email address with existing information from other data sources in Jet Admin.


Enhance your user management tools with data and metrics from MIxpanel.

Google Analytics

Power up your marketing tools and expand the advertising ROI with data from Google Analytics.


Send unique customer data from Amplitude directly to Jet Admin.


Manage lead data and oversee deals from your Pipedrive account.


Hook up your marketing and sales data with Jet Admin to get a fuller picture of the ROI and improve the KPIs.


Build a ticketing system enriched with data across all apps you use to provide the best customer experiences.

Rest API

Explore and visualize data from any HTTP API with this Rest API integration.


Read and write data from GraphQL to enhance your internal tools.

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