Apps on top of Mixpanel

Apps on top of MixpanelApps on top of Mixpanel
Build Admin Panels, Dashboards, and Internal Tools on top of your Mixpanel data. Use pre-made templates to a quick start.

Connect Jet Admin to Mixpanel in a few clicks to create internal tools for business analytics and growth.

For instance, you could create a user management tool that displays record-specific charts based on analytics from Mixpanel.

Combine your Mixpanel data with any data sourcesCombine your Mixpanel data with any data sources

Keep data from different sources in one collection, or use it together in one component with Data Blending. Make any changes, and your data sources will be updated too. Link your data using Link to Record, Roll ups, and Look ups

Combine your <b>Mixpanel</b> data with any data sources
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