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Manage all your application data and business operations with no time wasted on internal tools developed in-house
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Why Jet Admin
Gear up your business team with the Admin Panel they deserve without wasting time developing it
Save time to your dev team
Skip the design, development and maintenance of your admin. Jet Admin lets you focus on your customer facing product.
Make your operational team independent from developers
Tune your admin panel for you needs without using dev team. Tailored your operational need with 100% customzable UI
Scale your operations
No more compromises on your Admin Panel's efficiency. We've designed Jet with scalability in mind to help you achieve operational excellence.
Implement any use cases or user stories
Jet Admin is designed from the ground up with flexibility in mind. From the API to the UI, everything is customizable to let you handle even the most complex scenario.
You can edit all your data whether it is text from the website or user data.
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Search and filtration
With the query design you can easily find the needed data and extract it.
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Operations and actions
For actions: the user has passed the moderation, payment confirmation and others. There are programmable buttons-actions.
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Your staff can leave notes/messages/comments to the data (an order, a user) and correspond with each other.
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Jet Admin is admin-as-a-service interface for business

Data transits through an API generated by our open source plugin installed in your app directly to your end-user browser, while remaining invisible to our Jet servers.

We're already working with companies compliant with Industry Standard Certifications

PCI DSS certification
GDPR Compliance
HIPAA certification
We help business teams increase operational efficiency, not time spent building admin tools
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