How Ready Estate is Leading the UK Real Estate Market Thanks to Jet Admin

How Ready Estate is Leading the UK Real Estate Market Thanks to Jet Admin

With an instant property viewing booking app and no subscription fee, Ready Estate is transforming the real estate market in the UK.

Searching for a place to rent that covers all your needs is a hard task, especially in big cities. On average, it takes around two weeks to find a good fit in London. Ready Estate is helping tenants to get the biggest bang for their buck and shortens the entire process to less than two days.

Available for both Android and iOS, the app is designed to help customers book viewings, take property off the market, and even sign a tenancy agreement comfortably from their smartphones. Ready Estate provides personal agents to all their clients, and the cherry on top is that they won’t spam you with phone calls or emails.

Ready Estate & Jet Admin

From in-house developed tools to Jet Admin

In the beginning, the company has built their own in-house admin panel, which took quite some time to develop and was good enough to handle daily operations at that point.

But as the company grew, it became apparent that the development team can’t keep up with the admin’s maintenance and never ending requests from the business team. The decision was to externalize the admin.

After comparing all available back office solutions, the Ready Estate team chose Jet Admin as their admin panel provider. It only took them one day to complete installation and set up the admin-interface.

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Property onboarding and management

On a daily basis, Ready Estate’s agents target, review, and list new properties on the platform. With Jet Admin, it’s easy to visualize different onboarding steps on a Kanban board and quickly group all properties by type using filters and segments. For instance, the cards with properties can be segmented by a review status, account manager, neighborhood, etc.

After the moderation part is complete, team members can find the approved landlord’s contact info in the respective column and set up an appointment to check the asset and discuss the offer.

Property onboarding and management

Managing property viewing requests

The real estate agents are also using Jet Admin to review client’s viewing bookings and set up appointments.

Thanks to Flex Actions, the team has been able to create custom “Set-up visit”, “Report during visit, and “Follow-up visit” buttons inside Jet’s interface and save a significant amount of time on processing requests.

All meetings with tenants are neatly organized in a Calendar widget. Just like in Google Calendar, but more visually appealing.

Managing property viewing requests

Property Analytics

Thanks to Jet Admin, the Ready Estate team can instantly find out how each of their assets is performing and make data-driven decisions to achieve the company’s goals.

All global KPIs and sales reports are displayed in the form of different charts on the main dashboard. For instance, the team has dedicated charts for Popular properties and Property types.

Property Analytics

Payment processing & issue management

Since the customers’ identities and payment information have already been confirmed during the KYC step and the contract has been signed, the service automatically charges tenants on a monthly basis. All transactions, tenant records, and payment methods are organized in respective collections and can be referred to when necessary.

Payment issues and trivial inquiries, such as cleaning service requests and general questions about a property, are handled in a live chat. The team has been able to integrate the chat window into the admin panel thanks to Flex View.

Payment processing & issue management


To sum up, Jet Admin saved Ready Estate a significant amount of time and effort required for maintenance of an admin panel as well as helped the real estate agents speed up and organize their daily operations to grow sales faster.

Thank you for reading! Jet Admin is a business app builder designed for individual entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMBs, and Enterprises to save a lot of time on building Internal Tools, Admin Panels, Dashboards, and External Portals.

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