Build Admin Panel Fast

Build Admin Panel Fast

How do web application development companies manage their daily operations: customers, orders, payments, and shipping? Just like you’d use Intercom to communicate with customers or Google Analytics to track user behavior on a website, you need an admin panel of your application to control the data.

Most companies develop their own admin panels from scratch. It has been like this for the past 20 years for all technology companies that create web applications. It’s expensive and inefficient. Developers spend 40% of their time creating an administrative panel instead of focusing on a customer facing application. It usually takes from 2 to 6 months to develop an admin panel, what results in 10 to 30 thousand dollars wasted.

The Solution

Our team has been creating web applications for clients in different sectors for 5 years. Fintech, Real Estate or any other project needs admin panel to manage their business operations, such as payment operations, users, orders, etc.

That’s how we came up with Django Jet in 2015. Our first admin framework quickly found its audience and gained trust across the industries. On the downside, we received tons of feedback and realized that it still takes significant amount of time for clients to customize the panel.

Over the past few years, we’ve studied the use cases and user stories of our customers in both startups and large projects. It turned out that most companies need the same kinds of tools - 90% of features doesn’t change from industry to industry.

We reflected on our experience and built a universal admin panel that works with any web framework or database. Jet Admin is a SaaS solution that can be easily integrated into your database through a Jet Bridge generated API. Installation happens in only under 5 minutes!

Jet Admin - SaaS solution

Jet Admin helps you to:

  • Save time of your development team. Skip design, development and maintenance. Jet Admin lets you focus on your customer facing product.
  • Make your operational team independent from developers. An admin panel tailored to your operational needs with a 100% customizable UI guarantees total autonomy to the operational team and allows them do their job without developers’ help.
  • Scale your operations. Technology start-ups or companies with complex business logic will be pleased with Jet’s scalability. The administrative panel will not be a barrier to your growth.

Customizable Interface

With the best-in-class UX design, Jet Admin has the Visual Builder to help teams quickly customize the admin panel and display data in the form of a chart, Kanban, leaderboard, table, calendar, etc. What’s more, Jet gives you the flexibility to create your own custom page.

Jet Admin Customizable Interface

Customizable InterfaceYou can customize the interface for any project without developers' help. We made sure to include every tool you may possibly need to efficiently handle the workload.

For example, you can organize your orders in a Kanban board and create reports to see what products they purchase the most or how often they use your service. Based on this data, you can give reward points and discounts to your most loyal customers. The data updates automatically, so you can share these reports with your team members and receive notifications about new orders via e-mail or Slack at any moment!

Data Privacy

Jet Admin doesn’t get access to your data. Jet API serves as a bridge that transits your data directly to your end-user browser, while remaining invisible to our servers. It meets requirements on data security, such as the forthcoming PCI DSS, GDPR, and HIPAA.

For those who seek enterprise-grade security, we offer incidence recovery and two-factor authentication.

«When dealing with such sensitive data as medical(customer) data, it is of utmost importance to make sure the platform you’re using is secure and conform to the industry regulatory requirements. Glad that Jet Admin’s API model enabling to visualize and manipulate our app’s data… without ever accessing it!»,

Sarah Levin, CEO at TelmedIQ.

Interface Extensibility

Thanks to our Flex features, you can additionally customize your panel by coding your own Views, Fields, Segments, etc.

You can integrate third party services, such as Stripe to handle payment operations. Flex Action will let you create a custom button to perform commands: refund, block user, give a discount, etc.

Jet Admin Interface Extensibility

Also, you can add a Flex Field to perform a certain operation on your data. It can be a “total amount” column that calculates all items in the order.

If you don’t find the properly widget, you can code your own Flex View using JS, HTML, and CSS to display your application data in a more appropriate way.

How to Use Jet?

Jet Admin is a cloud, SaaS solution that makes it easier to increase your operational efficiency. The developer will need only under 5 minutes to install the panel and you can get down to work.

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Thank you for reading! Jet Admin is a ready-to-run admin panel designed to fit the operational needs of your business. Integrate our API with your web application's database and enjoy!

Thank you for reading! Jet Admin is a business app builder designed for individual entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMBs, and Enterprises to save a lot of time on building Internal Tools, Admin Panels, Dashboards, and External Portals.

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