The admin panel framework

Jet Admin provides an off-the-shelf administration panel based on a highly-extensible API plugged into your application
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Search & Filters
Custom Actions
All of your CRUD operations are natively supported. The API automatically supports your data models' validation and allows you to easily extend or override any API routes' with your very own custom logic.
Jet Admin has a built-in search allowing you to run basic queries to retrieve your application's data. Set advanced filters based on fields and relationships to handle complex search use cases.
A custom action is a button which allows you to trigger an API call to execute a custom logic. With virtually no limitations, you can extend the way you manipulate data and trigger actions (e.g. refund a customer, apply a coupon, ban a user, etc.)
Jet Admin is able to tap into your actual data to chart out your metrics using a simple UI panel, a SQL query or a custom API call.
Code your own views using JS, HTML, and CSS to display your application data in a more appropriate way (e.g. Kanban, Map, Calendar, Gallery, etc.).
How it works
Jet Admin is a SaaS frontend application hosted on Jet Admin side that works in your browser. It connects to your project SQL database through open source Jet Bridge backend application which you install on your side. So Integrating Jet Admin with your project requires installing only one component - Jet Bridge.
Jet web service
Jet enables you to work directly with the models of your web-service
Jet Bridge
Jet Bridge is an open plug-in installed on the server's side and used for models' generation and API creation for the interaction with JET UI.
Jet Interface
Jet Interface – UI is a web application accessible from any browser. Your data are transmitted directly with Jet Bridge into Jet Admin UI, and remain invisible for the Jet service.
Why developers use Jet?
Jet runs on any technological stack, choose the one for yourself
Implement any use cases or user stories
Jet Admin is designed from the ground up with flexibility in mind. From the API to the UI, everything is customizable to let you handle even the most complex scenario.
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Data transits through an API generated by our open source plugin installed in your app directly to your end-user browser, while remaining invisible to our Jet servers.

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