Tailor Jet Admin to your use cases

Tailor Jet Admin
to your use cases
Tailor Jet Admin
to your use cases
Every business is unique. That’s why Jet Admin gives you the flexibility to realize a custom functionality quickly.
Query Your Data SourceQuery Your Data Source
Read data from PostgreSQL, combine it with Stripe data, write back to your API and run SQL queries – all in one interface. Jet Admin supports a large number databases, services and APIs.
Run SQL queries and immediately visualize your data with different types of components.
API request
Make requests to your internal APIs or any HTTP API in Jet Admin. For instance, you could create a custom button to reset a password.
Use JavaScript to compute values (e.g. combine two fields into one) and convert data from one format to another.
Create custom componentsCreate custom components
Some processes are so complex, they require a custom solution. For instance, you could visualize the customer journey map in the form of a graph or a sidebar. In Jet Admin, you can code your own components using JS SDK for Angular/React/Vue, HTML, and CSS!
Jet Admin App
The frontend application that connects with your resources and displays your data
Visual Builder
An all-in-one editing feature that lets you run queries and organize components in your app
Custom Component
Your custom JS-based component built with React/Vue/Angular or JS Vanilla
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