Build any Front-end like Admin Panel or CRM for your Supabase

Custom CRM front end on top of Supabase

What is Supabase?

Supabase is one of the fastest-growing players in the Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) market that allows developers and even not-so-tech-savvy entrepreneurs to outsource all the backend aspects of web or mobile development. This helps iterate much faster and helps focus scarce resources on the end-user-facing application.

Being an open-source alternative to Google’s Firebase, Supabase is built on Postgres. The API, authentication, and data management are taken care of, and the UX is really intuitive, making some consider Supabase a no-code solution.

What about the UI for Supabase?

Even though, as we mentioned, one of the main reasons for spinning up Supabase instance is to free up resources for front-end development, it predominantly applies to the end-user consumer apps, where in-house development using Flutter or React makes a lot of sense.

However, if we look at the back-office or front-office apps and tools such as CRUD apps, Admin Panels, CRMs, and even some external B2B front-ends such as partner or vendor portals, you might not want to commit your dev resources to build them in-house. For this, you can use Jet Admin and build production-ready, beautiful front-ends incredibly fast.

Building a Front-end in Jet Admin

Jet Admin pairs really well with Supabase as it is designed for both developers and business builders, or citizen developers. After quickly spinning up a Supabase instance you can connect it to Jet in a few clicks and build any app(s) you need: Admin Panels, CRUD app, CRMs, Inventory management tools, Approval flows, and much more. You can also build External Portals or front-ends for your clients, vendors, merchants, partner sales, etc.

Jet comes with a vast library of pre-made UI components and a truly intuitive drag-and-drop and point-and-click interface. You can use as much or as little code depending on a particular use case: as an example, in the video below we’ll build a custom Customer Relationship Management (CRM) app without a single line of code.

What we’ll get after ~15 min of building

We’ll build a custom CRM for the internal team and then will turn it into a multi-tenant partner sales portal for external salespeople in just a few clicks.

Custom CRM built from Supabase in Jet Admin
Custom CRM front end built with Supabase in Jet Admin

Building it together

Videos are fun and easier to learn from, so join us as we walk through the whole building process from connecting your Supabase to the end-user invitations:

Build your own app

Sometimes you'd want to join your Supabase data with data from other data sources, like Postgres, Stripe, or some Custom API.

Or you need to add automation with multi-branch workflows.

Or maybe you just want to get a simple CRUD app generated for you in less than a minute.

All of that and more you can achieve in Jet, just give it a go (for free):

Thank you for reading! Jet Admin is a business app builder designed for individual entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMBs, and Enterprises to save a lot of time on building Internal Tools, Admin Panels, Dashboards, and External Portals.

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