Django Jet vs Jet Admin

Django Jet vs Jet Admin

Django Jet has claimed its place among the most well-known open source solutions, such as ActiveAdmin, RailsAdmin, and Sonata Admin. But now, 5 years later, our team is presenting the reimagined version of Django Jet – Jet Admin. Jet Admin is a no-code app builder that enables you to create apps for your teams: Admin Panels, Customer Support, Customer Onboarding, etc.

So how and why did we come up with Jet Admin? We realized that most companies require the same features to handle their daily operations. For instance, customer support team needs Admin Panel/CRM to manage their database data, Marketing team – Dashboard to track KPI. So why design, develop and maintain those features from scratch every time, when you can have a one-size-fits-all solution?

Jet Admin

Why switch to Jet Admin?

It suits everyone. Unlike Django Jet which is only compatible with Python and Django, Jet Admin supports databases such as SQL databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc), MongoDB, Firebase and business apps (Google Sheets, Airtable, Stripe, Zendesk). More integrations

It saves time of your Development team. In the past, you need to dedicate a product team: designers, developers, supports to develop and maintain Admin Panel. Not only is this approach terribly time-consuming, but it also slacks off the development process of your customer facing application.

Jet Admin is a fully customizable and scalable solution. That being said, everyone on your business team can effortlessly change the look of your admin panel: add or remove components (charts, maps, kanban boards) and pages, edit data, display it in the most appropriate view, and much more!

It’s quick to build your app. On the average, it only takes about 30 minutes - 1 hours to build your application.

It’s extendable. Haven’t found a right component you were looking for We got you covered. You can extend Jet Admin’s basic interface at any point with HTML/CSS/JS code.

It enhances teamwork in the workplace. Effective team communication is crucial for successful day-to-day operations. In Jet Admin, you can assign tasks and leave notes to your team members, change team-based permissions, and even chat directly through your admin panel’s interface!

Why switching to Jet Admin?

Supporting you every step of the way

So if you’re comfortable with Django Jet as your current admin panel and don’t need any advanced features, here’s the good news for you. Even though our team has stopped the development of new features for Django Jet, it will still be supported by our amazing community on Github through pull requests.

For those of you who would like to take their daily operations to the next level and boost overall productivity, we prepared the detailed instructions on how to install Jet Admin:

  1. Install Jet Bridge as Heroku, Docker, or Python (pip) package
  2. Connect Jet Bridge to your database or web services
  3. Set up the Jet Admin interface
  4. Deploy to production and invite your teammates
Supporting you every step of the way

Needless to say, we will assist you on every stage of the switching process from Django Jet to Jet Admin. Just give us a heads up that you need help via email or our live chat. We’ll be more than happy to help.

The purpose and mission behind Jet Admin

Our team is dedicated to make Jet Admin accessible for companies of all sizes. That’s why our Basic plan is absolutely free. You will start paying fees only when your project expands to the point where it requires the use of an admin panel on a daily basis.

The past belongs in the past. We at Jet want to replace admin panels developed in-house in all companies with a digital product. Our mission is to bring operational excellence and ultimate efficiency that go hand in hand with the SaaS method to everyone in the web development game. Cheers for that!

Thank you for reading! Jet Admin is a ready-to-run admin panel designed to fit the operational needs of your business. Integrate our API with your web application's database and enjoy!

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Thank you for reading! Jet Admin is a business app builder designed for individual entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMBs, and Enterprises to save a lot of time on building Internal Tools, Admin Panels, Dashboards, and External Portals.

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