ChatGPT Integration for easy Text-to-SQL custom queries

ChatGPT Integration for easy Text-to-SQL custom queries

Jet Admin has recently integrated ChatGPT's text-to-SQL functionality, making it even easier for users to build and customize their own apps with custom SQL queries. With ChatGPT's advanced natural language processing algorithms, you can simply enter a natural language query or question, and the platform automatically generates and writes SQL queries that do exactly what you want! Jet Admin already has the integrations you need to work with a PostgreSQL database or MS SQL server, so this is just one more tool that gives you an even better app building experience.

Advantages of Text-to-SQL

ChatGPT's text-to-SQL functionality offers several advantages that make it a powerful addition to Jet Admin's no-code web app builder.

Ease of Use:

With ChatGPT, you can simply enter a natural language question or query and it automatically generates the corresponding SQL statement, eliminating the need to learn the syntax and structure of SQL.


ChatGPT can quickly generate SQL statements, allowing users to quickly retrieve the data they need. This is great even for people who already know SQL – generate and then correct if needed, and save precious time!


ChatGPT's advanced natural language processing algorithms ensure that the generated SQL statement accurately represents the user's intent, minimizing errors and reducing the need for manual correction.


ChatGPT's text-to-SQL functionality allows you to create custom collections that can then be used in your app.


Working with large datasets? ChatGPT's text-to-SQL functionality can handle large volumes of data and complex queries, making it an ideal tool for businesses and organizations with a need for data analysis and reporting. Have a lot of collections in your database or need to write complex SQL queries? Don't worry, have ChatGPT and Jet do the heavy lifting, and then tweak your query if needed!

Using Text-to-SQL in Jet Admin

Accessing Jet Admin's text-to-SQL integration is a breeze. Users simply go to the resource they want to work with and click the "Create with SQL query" button in the left hand menu that displays your collections.

Additionally, when creating your query, you'll see a resource explorer on the right that allows you to see your collections and add column names in just a click. The ability to easily add the correct column names is extremely useful, as this is a kind of error that is more common for AI generated queries. Jet Admin solves that problem for you!

Another advantage is that Jet shows you a table to preview your query so that you can make sure it's exactly what you want before saving it and using it in tables or other components in your app. This is great if you are writing complex sql queries – you can double-check to make sure that they're correct before moving on. Once you do save it, the newly created collection is immediately available for use in your app.

Benefits of using Text-to-SQL in Jet Admin

The integration of ChatGPT's text-to-SQL functionality into Jet Admin's no-code web app builder offers several benefits. For instance, it makes it easier and faster to build and customize apps, saving time and improving efficiency. It also enhances the user experience by making it easier to work with data and generate SQL statements, especially for people who have little or no experience using SQL.


In conclusion, Jet Admin's integration with ChatGPT's text-to-SQL functionality offers a powerful and user-friendly way to create custom collections that allow you to customize your apps even more. Try out Jet Admin's new text-to-SQL functionality today!

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