Google Sheets GUI

Google Sheets GUI
Google Sheets GUI
Google Sheets GUI Solution – connect to Google Sheets and start building custom applications in a minute

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Build GUIs by Drag & Dropping UI ComponentsBuild GUIs by Drag & Dropping UI Components

Create Custom GUIs on top of your MySQL data by drag-and-dropping pre-made UI components. No design or coding required.

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  • Computed Columns

    Build any queries to your data using SQL, Formulas, or Javascript

  • Sync and Blend your Data

    Create a single source of truth syncing to your data multiple data sources: Stripe, Hubspot, Salesforce, etc.

  • Automate any workflow

    Create multi-sequence Automation with over 30+ automation blocks and trigger them by Webhook or Schedule jobs every minute, hour, day, or month.

Connect to multiple data sourcesConnect to multiple data sources

You can view customer details from SQL database, join it with customer tickets from Zendesk and initiate refunds via Stripe in the same GUI

Extra flexibility for developersExtra flexibility for developers
Jet provides powerful developer tools to extend your applications with code and queries.
Custom UI components
Create your own components with HTML/CSS, Javascript, React, Angular or Vue.
SQL & API Querying
Create custom SQL or HTTP queries to implement custom actions, tables, forms, and more.
Transform data
Perform calculations, parse responses with formulas and JavaScript.
Trusted by some of the world’s best teamsTrusted by some of the world’s best teams
Design to build internal tools or portals fast for any company in any industry.
Thanks to various collection components, we can display our data in the most convenient way and switch between several of them depending on the situation. For instance, we usually manage the fleet on the map, sort and pass tickets.
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Ekar, Head of Technology
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