Content moderationContent moderation
An easy-to-use tool to help you moderate submitted video content for basic violations or create human-in-the-loop workflows to provide rating reports based on multiple raters’ review.

Step 1

Connect data sources

Connect your database and/or API.

Step 2

Browse user-generated videos

Search through video content and create segments based on their status: All, Pending, Completed, Canceled, or Error.

Step 3

Create and update task statuses

Add Custom Action – Rest API to easily change the status of a task and send it directly to your backend.

Step 4

Notify teammates about status changes via Slack

Create a new workflow and set ‘when task is marked’ as a trigger and ‘send email to this user’ as your action.

Step 5

Submit a request for approval

Collaborate with your team: assign tasks, leave notes, comments, and create approval flows.

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