Stripe Refund ToolStripe Refund Tool
A tool powered by Stripe to issue full or partial refunds to your customers, cancel payments, and automatically send notifying emails via SendGrid.

Step 1

Connect data sources

Connect Stripe, any Database and SendGrid

Step 2

Browse transactions and users

Use User and Transaction List widgets to return data matching your search criteria.

Step 3

Enrich your user data

Merge user data from your database with transactions from Stripe to create a richer customer profile

Step 4

Segment transactions

Create transaction segments based on date, quantity, and price to analyze and target user audiences.

Step 5

Make a refund

Add a Stripe Refund action to issue refunds to your users.

Step 6

Notify users

Launch a workflow. Set ‘when a refund is successfully completed’ as a trigger and ‘send email to this user’ as your action.

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