Create custom internal tools and client portals for any team and industry

Create custom internal tools
and client portals
for any team and industry
Create custom internal tools
and client portals
for any team and industry
Every business and every team require robust tools to get the jobs done. In Jet you can build solutions that your business needs in a fast and simple manner.

Data entry and moderation

Data entry and moderationData entry and moderation

It's often required to quickly edit some parts of your data or manually create a new record. For example, a client made a mistake in their email, adress or credit card details and called customer support. In that case an agent can quickly identify the account, fnd the right collection and make necessary changes.

  • Teams: Operations, Support
  • Industry: All

Customer onboarding'

Customer onboarding'Customer onboarding'

In certain regulated industries you might need to move your clients through the chain of validation steps before you can do business with them. In Jet you can build one custom app for onboarding customers from A to Z: viewing documents and additional information from 3rd paty apps, requesting additional details and changing statuses - all in one place.

  • Teams: Operations, Support, Fraud, Legal
  • Industry: Fintech, Insuretech, Mobility, Real Estate, SaaS

Approval workflow

Approval workflowApproval workflow

Some of the back-office processes require approving or rejecting orders, listings, discounts, inventory and so on. As It’s critical for the job to provide the ops with a clear picture of all the relevant data pieces, building a truly custom tool might tengibly reduce the number of errors and improve operational efficiency.

  • Teams: Operations, Quality control
  • Industry: Real Estate, Retail, E-commerce, SaaS

Order management

Order managementOrder management

Whether you’re selling physical products or services, you need a systemt to moderate orders and payments that require special attention. Cancelling orders, manually creating new ones, changing statuses and making refunds - those operations often involve interacting with data from different sources. In Jet you can consolidate all the data and manage orders from one place.

  • Teams: Operations, Support
  • Industry: E-commerce, Delivery, Retail

Support 360 view

Support 360 viewSupport 360 view

Support teams often struggle the most when it comes to getting a full context on customers. In many companies CS deals with 15 or more 3rd party services and business apps, jumping between them and copy-pasting IDs. With Jet you can consolidate all the data from apps like Zendesk, Stripe, Hubspot etc. and your main database and empower your CS to view and act on the client data from one single view.

  • Teams: Support, Customer success
  • Industry: All

Inventory management

Inventory managementInventory management

If you’re selling physical products, you have to keep track of your stock. Usually when companies scale it becomes progressively harder to keep track, which entails errors, lost opportunities and damages NPS. With Jet’s Inventory app, you can keep track of and add new items, change the details and manually create orders.

  • Teams: Support, Operations
  • Industry: E-commerce, Marketplaces

Subscription management

Subscription managementSubscription management

As a service provider, your bottom line comes from subscriptions, so effectively managing those is important. In Jet you can create an app to view subscription details and reconcile that with customer data from your app. Subscription management app built in Jet, allows you to change properties of the subscription, cancel or renew subscriptions.

  • Teams: Operations
  • Industry: SaaS, Fintech, Marketplaces, Healthcare, Education



Keeping track of user activity or your company’s finances or sales sounds like a trivial task. But if we add the necessity to pull in data from multiple data sources and will add some interactive functionality, it might get tricky. Thanks to Jet, you can build interactive dashboards to keep track of all the important KPIs

  • Teams: All
  • Industry: All