Go Above and Beyond with Flex Features

Go Above and Beyond
with Flex Features
Go Above and Beyond
with Flex Features
When you need to realize a custom functionality fast, use our extensibility features to add new elements to Jet's basic interface.
A Universal Admin Panel with
Extensibility at Its Core
A Universal Admin Panel with
Extensibility at Its Core
No matter how sophisticated the Jet interface is, sometimes basic features are just not enough to cover specific business operations. We understand that and made sure that you can always tailor the admin panel to your needs with Jet's extendable components. With Flex features, there is really no limit to what you can realize in your admin panel.
Flex ActionsFlex Actions

Sometimes CRUD is just not enough... Resetting a password, blacklisting a user, and refunding an order – these are the examples of your team's integral day-to-day operations, that can be automated with Jet Admin.

Flex Actions are custom buttons inside Jet’s interface that allow you to realize your own business logic through an API request to your servers.

Control your actions' permissions
Perform custom actions on your data
Flex ViewFlex View
Some processes are so complex, they require a custom widget solution. For instance, you might want to visualize the customer journey map in the form of a graph or a sidebar inside your admin panel. You can totally realize that in Jet! Thanks to our Flex View feature, you can code your own view into the admin's interface using JS (Angular, React), HTML, and CSS.
Display your collection in the most appropriate way
Extend our basic interface to browse through your data efficiently
Create your own view using JS, HTML and CSS
Flex FieldFlex Field
Say you want to merge first name and last name fields together or display a column from another Collection. You can do that by extending your interface with Flex Fields.
Create and display a computed value based on your current fields
Use JavaScript Editor for more complex queries
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