Create your admin panel with any use cases or user stories

Alongside Jet comes a set of features developed to offer the flexibility of a homemade admin interface with the simplicity of a SaaS.

At Jet, we understand companies have tons of processes that are highly specific to their products or services. In order to address 100% of these use cases, we have created a framework which allows you to implement your very own business logic effortlessly along with a set of features which simplifies the way you do so, with virtually no limitations.
Flex Actions
A flex action is a button which allows you to trigger a custom business command through an API call to your servers.

Implement your very own business logic behind any button, extending Jet Admin's integration in your day-to-day operations.
Flex Views
By default, Jet renders your data using a table view when accessing multiple records. Businesses with very specific processes may need to see display their records in a custom view to browse through their data efficiently. Flex Views let you code your own views using JS, HTML and CSS and tailor your interface to your specific business needs.

Ditch the table view and display your orders on a Map, your events in a Calendar or simply design your own custom view. All of this is made easy by Jet.
Flex Fields
A field is simply an attribute defined in your database. A Flex Field is a field that displays a computed value in your collection.

A flex field is a column that displays processed-on-the-fly data and it can be as simple as concatenating attributes to make them business friendly, or way more complex.
Flex Segments
Segments are designed for those who want to systematically visualize data after applying a specific set of conditions. Such segment filters can be complex and often closely mirror your business' operations. Jet allows you to code how the segment is computed and can be as complex as needed.

Seamlessly organize your data to access it in a structured way. Create your segments to streamline your business workflows within Jet Admin's interface.

Flex Collections
Not always data you want to view in admin interface is stored in a single table. For such cases FlexCollection can be created that can represent a combination of data from different data sources and/or result of some calculations.

Sometimes, you want to create a virtual relationship between two sets of data that doesn't natively exist in your database. A concrete example is when you want to create a relationship between two collections available in two different databases.
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