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No matter if your company is maintaining a fleet of vehicles or enabling peer-to-peer ride sharing, you need to adopt emerging technology to leverage customer-experience-enhancing benefits and expand your business scope by breaking traditional limitations. Digital agility is key to meeting the forces in the mobility market effectively. This requires building resilient and flexible operating models that need a powerful and tailored admin interface.

If your business is part of the shift towards technology-enhanced mobility, Jet Admin can help you improve your key business metrics, such as decreasing your onboarding time, decreasing your set-up costs and increase your operational efficiency.
What value does Jet Admin bring to mobility companies?
A big part of a company's success will reside in its ability to execute faster and better than others. In a fully dematerialized service, internal tools developed towards customer's operations will play a key role in helping you achieve operational excellence.
Gear up your business team

With the back office they deserve without wasting time developing it
Give autonomy to your business teams
With a back office tailored to your operational needs and 100% customizable UI
Scale your operations

Without making any compromise on your back office efficiency
Here's a selection of a few use cases for which our fintech clients use Jet Admin the most
Fleet Management
List your vehicles
Segment per area
Redistribute your Vehicles
When dealing with a fleet of (electric) bikes, scooters or cars alike, it is important to have a comprehensive overview of the most important aspects of your fleet. This is needed to set yourself up for operational success.

Thanks to Jet Admin, you can easily track your fleet in a visually attractive way that makes sense to your operations. Fueling or charging management, dispatching and regular inspections can be all coordinated from your admin interface. Using Smart Segments and Smart Actions it requires very little effort to set-up workflow for your operational teams responsible for the different tasks of maintaining your fleet.
Features required
Smart Views
Smart Segments
User Moderation
Segment your Users
Find Opportunities
Improve your Metrics

When you are responsible for the moderation of a large and diverse group of users, you need the tools to efficiently take care of their concerns. Changing addresses, credit card details and pricing levels are responsibilities your operational teams need to carry out on a daily basis.

Thanks to Jet Admin, you can effortlessly deep-dive into your customer-base and find their core data coming from your platform and all the related data from third-party services such as identification software and payment providers. Using the Smart Segments, you can easily segment your customers according to for instance their usage, demographics or location. This empowers you to moderate large sets of users at scale.

Features required
Create Update Delete
Smart Collections
Smart Actions
Driver Onboarding
Driver Signup
Information Completion
Meeting Setup
Final Approval
Successfully onboarding drivers onto your mobility platform is instrumental for your growth. Given the security concerns of your customers, however, this needs to be done with great care.

Thanks to Jet Admin, this becomes a lot easier to manage. Using Summary Views and Smart Segments you can monitor if all the necessary details and documents are present and validated. If not, you can act straight from your admin panel using the Smart Actions, to for instance send an email, suggest to complete a training or ask for a renewal of certain required documents.
Features required
Summary Views
Smart Actions
Smart Segments
Driver / User Analytics
Deep-dive in your Drivers or Customers
Change the Pricing Strategy
As the success of your business is closely tied to that of your customers, drivers and vehicles, you need to be able to deep-dive into the analytics on the records in these categories.

Thanks to Jet Admin, an operational manager can, with the click of a button, learn all there is to know about for instance a certain driver. He or she can see what makes most sense first, such as the number of rides performed, the distances travelled or the average rating received. This enables your team to make smarter and data-driven decisions. This view can easily be adapted by your operational people without having to consult your development teams.

Features required
Analytics per record
Smart Segments
Issue Management
Track the Issues
Prioritize the Issues
Solve the Issues

Ensuring that complaints and difficulties of your customers are dealt with swiftly and efficiently is a key pillar of your customer satisfaction. Coordinating these efforts, however, requires a lot of time and resources.

Thanks to Jet Admin, you will have a perfect platform to easily keep track of the problems and complaints flagged by your customers. You will be able to take action to resolve the issues at hand, such as granting refunds, or sending (template) emails or taking a vehicle offline, straight from your admin panel. You can reconcile data from your current ticketing systems to ensure you have all the context required to treat the issue in the best manner possible.

Features required
Summary Views
Smart Segments
Smart Actions
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